Shipping and Delivery

We have our own delivery system and we have our trained delivery personnel with bikes who are dedicated to delivering any type of goods to your doorsteps.

Delivery Modality

Convenient Delivery:

We offer you convenience through our efficient delivery system. You will have the option to select the preferred timing of delivery of your desired goods. You only need to select your preferred date and time and the goods will be at your doorstep. In case your preferred delivery slot is booked, you can just select the next slot that is just 2 hours later.

Delivery Charges

Any Convenient delivery with any basket value will have a Minimum Delivery Charge inside Dhaka City: 60 Taka

Outside Dhaka will depend on your basket size.

Delivery Disclaimer

For various reasons such as weather conditions, traffic congestions, any natural calamity, an excessive number of orders, product sourcing delay, etc. delivery may be delayed from the selected delivery slot. In such unavoidable circumstances, whereby delivery is delayed even after taking all due care, Kaniz Online Shop will hold no liability.